Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
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What is a CSA and how does it work?

Our farm share program is called a “CSA” which stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” A CSA share is a simple idea (very much like buying a magazine subscription) in which a community member buys a “Share” of a farmer’s harvest (in our case, beef) and then comes to the farm each month to pick up their “Share”. Our current CSA package includes 6 lbs 7lbs.. of freshly frozen beef per month (ground beef, steaks, and roasts). We will have your beef cut, wrapped, and frozen ready for you to pick up at the farm on the last Saturday of every month. If you would like a larger portion, you'll likely want to consider ordering a quarter cow here

Reasons families choose to invest in beef from our CSA program:

• Many join for their health. Simply visiting the farm can be a stress reliever and eating food that is free of stress chemicals, antibiotics and hormones is always a good thing. 
• The concept of supporting local farms is important to the community member
• To some families it’s about visiting the farm, experiencing life on the farm, and helping children learn how their food is grown (and we welcome you to explore when you come to pick up your share!)
• For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles your food travels, and the amount of fossil fuels that is used to transport food (on average, food travels over 1500 miles from corporate farms before it’s consumed).

• Many of our families enjoy the community environment where like-minded people share recipes, ideas and experiences - you'll be invited to be a part of our Carwood Community Facebook Group!

When you sign up for a monthly beef share, you will be able to create a customer account.  This account will allow you to view your past orders and adjust your payment date. There are NO CONTRACTS at Carwood beef farm.  If, for any reason, you desire to cancel your subscription, it's as easy as a text, phone call or an email. No questions asked.

*Want even more reasons to buy local meat?  Check out these 19 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Buying Supermarket Meat. 

**Why is the CSA more expensive than quarters/halves/wholes?
The first thing to understand is that when purchasing quarters/halves/wholes you pay on "hanging" or "rail" weight.  On average, our quarters weigh 175 lbs., for example.  When the quarter is processed into burger, steaks, roasts; weight is lost in the form of bones and fat trimmed.  On average, this loss is 30%-40% of the original 175 lbs. (in this example), so you would take home 105 lbs. - 122.5 lbs.  Payment is made on hanging weight because depending on how our customers order their processing, this final weight could vary, which would make it impossible for us to provide consistent pricing.  
When purchasing the CSA, our customers are paying for exactly what they take home.  The processing is already done for them.  We handle all of that, pick-up the meat from the processor and package it for the customer.  We have quite a bit more management involved, which also impacts price.  

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