Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
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What happens after you pay your deposit for your beef?

Once you have paid your deposit, please check your email to be sure you have received an order confirmation.  This assures you that your order has been received by us and is in the queue to be filled. The wait time from the date of your deposit until the time your order will be ready varies depending on the supply and demand at the time of your order. Our current wait time can be found here. 
After your meat has been sent to the processor, it will dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 7-10 days before being cut (dry-aging helps tenderize the meat).   It is at this point in the process, when we can tell you the weight of your order and we will send you an invoice for the total (minus the deposit that you already paid).
Additionally, we will direct you to call Wenger's Meats to discuss your preference of cuts (The processor will assist you in determining the type and size of cuts that will best suit your liking). If this is your first time placing an order with us, you may want to view these possible beef cuts and our Carwood Farm Beef Cuts Guide.

We will contact you again when the meat is ready for pick-up.
You will then pick up the meat from Wengers, and pay the processor for his services at that time.
***If you would like us to deliver your order to you, please place your delivery request here and we will contact you to make arrangements. 

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