Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community.
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How are our cattle raised?

Good question!  
We know it is important to you to know exactly where your food is coming from and how your food was raised. :)
Our cattle flourish 8 months out of the year on a rotational grazing system. They spend about 3-4 days on one plot of pasture and then rotate to a new section of grass. Depending on the season grass rejuvenates to it's peak nutritional value every 30-45 days.  We time our rotations within this 30 - 45 day window so the animals are always eating a prime diet of highly nutritious grass. We use a combination of clover and mixed varieties of fescue grasses. During the winter months the diet of the cows consists of a combination of high quality alfalfa hay and grass hay.
We breed our cows with one of our Simmental bulls. Calves are born onto the rotational grazing system and are typically weaned from the cows at 5-6 months of age. At this point they are moved into a second rotational system independent of the cows..
As the cattle mature, they are typically brought into the barn and switched to a diet of hay and corn based feed for a period of 90 – 120 days. We found this final switch in diet to a corn based feed provides the right amount of marbling for the meat to contain the desired flavor, but limits fat since the majority of the animals’ diet consisted of grazing legumes and fescue grasses.

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