Pork Bundles are currently available. Carwood Beef is available & check out Carwood Pick Your Own Pumpkins throughout October!!!
Pork Bundles are currently available. Carwood Beef is available & check out Carwood Pick Your Own Pumpkins throughout October!!!
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Antibiotics or NO Antibiotics; that is the question?

My wife and I are raising our kids utilizing natural solutions to maintain their health on a daily basis.  My wife, Kelly, professionally sells essential oils as a part time gig.  Does this mean we don't use healthcare options such as antibiotics for our children when necessary?   Absolutely not, it means because we are committed to utilizing natural solutions daily to support health, we rarely need options like antibiotics.  For instance, daily, we apply oils that boost our 6 year old's immune system.  As a result, we have only had to give her 1 treatment of antibiotics up to this point in her life.  Now, we also closely monitor what she eats & drinks, her activity level and her sleep to ensure her optimal health.
How we raise our animals at Carwood Farm is much the same.  Now, we don't apply essential oils to them everyday. though they might like that.  We do ensure they have a healthy diet, clean water and plenty of room for move about and get fresh air.  These management practices keep the herd healthy, but in the rare cases when illness or injury strikes, we use antibiotics to treat diagnosed conditions.  Just to put it in perspective for you, we have a little over 100 head right now.  Since the winter began, we treated one 4 month old animal with 2 doses of antibiotics so far when he showed respiratory distress and was lethargic.  The treatment worked and that animal is now healthy again.  Most antibiotics have an approximately 28 day residual presence in the system.  After that, all traces should be gone.  During my entire lifetime raising beef cattle, I can't recall ever giving an animal antibiotics after the animal was 1 year old (most are before they reach 6 months of age) so the residual has well over a year to exit their system which is up to 12+ times more than the minimal time required.. Remember 95% of Carwood animals don't receive any antibiotic treatment during their lives because they don't get conditions requiring them.  
Antibiotics are an issue when used as a daily preventative strategy as many "feed yards" have done to combat poor living conditions (this is where most grocery store beef comes from).  I'm not sure if the label in the picture is true or false advertising intended to take advantage of the growing consumer interest in how animals are raised and cared for.  If it's true, there are animals who are not getting the treatment they should and allowed to be sick or die because of a misconception of the problem.  In the end, because of the way the food industry currently operates, the only way you can know for sure is to get to know your local farmer, learn how he/she operates and purchase directly from the farmer if the practices meet your needs.  

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